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BESS Snap-on Calf nipples

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Spare snap-on nipples for BESS snap-on calf nursing bottles. Made of food-grade silicone. The nipples come with a new technology, including a valve insert that prevents any leaks even though the nipple should be punctured. Therefore we promise the highest lifetime compared to any other nipple on the market. Snap-on nipples feature an easy system for installation and removal from the bottle. It is also certified to be shock proof against the pull actions of the calf. They are available in 3 different colors. Transparent & red colors are made of premium silicone. Transparent has the advantage to allow easy seeing for milk flow and / or need of cleaning. The pink color is made of cheaper standard silicone and is softer than transparent & red nipples.


BESS consists on an innovative line of nursing products built around a game-changing nipple technology. This new technology has been entirely developed with a view to bring an end to the need of so frequent nipples renewals. All nipples on the market suffer from the same weak-point: they rapidely tear-off and start leaking, causing milk-loss and too much time & money spent in their replacement. With BESS we promise a long-lasting nipple, without leaks as well as a control flow to ensure a healthy feeding of the calves. This work thanks to a whole new conception of the nipple: the usage of food grade high quality silicone instead of latex, and a valve insert system situated inside the nipple. The silicone we use has much higher time resistance compared to latex. It's not affected by milk-protein attacks. Moreover, our nipple only shows a single whole, instead of a brace at its end. This reinforce by a lot the nipple. This is made possible thanks to our valve insert that plays the role of the brace. This is the second and main innovation: the valve insert acts as a check valve, that only let milk flow when the calf is sucking. As the valve insert is situated inside the nipple, it cannot be damaged by the calf sucking action. Therefore, even if the nipple gets finally teared-off, the milk will never leak, and the milk flow will be preserved and consistent.

  • Leak-free
  • Tear-free
  • Control flow
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy snap-on system
Product list
Item # Description Casecount
BESS Snap-on nipple with valve insert (complete set)
15-263 BESS Snap-on nipple with insert, CLEAR 1 | 24
15-264 BESS Snap-on nipple with insert, RED 1 | 24
15-265 BESS Snap-on nipple with insert, PINK 1 | 24
BESS Snap-on nipple only (without valve insert)
15-260 BESS Snap-on nipple without insert, CLEAR 1 | 24
15-261 BESS Snap-on nipple without insert, RED 1 | 24
15-262 BESS Snap-on nipple without insert, PINK 1 | 24
Spare parts
15-300 BESS Calf nipple insert 1 | 24


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