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SHARPSHOCK Flexible shafts Rounded Electrodes (7 lengths)

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SHARPSHOCK Flexible shafts with rounded electrodes are an innovation brought to increase as much as it is possible animal welfare, in the situation where the usage of an electric prod can't be avoided. The rounded tips at the end of the shafts is dedicated to limit the impact of the prod at its minimum, namely, provide a small electric shock to get a recusant animal moving. Therefore the rounded tips limit the stress of the animals as well as the risk of wounds or hematoma while using the prod. All shafts are compatible with the 2 models of SHARPSHOCK handles (Full Power and Low voltage versions). There are made from high-resistancy polycarbonate that gives strong resistance and flexibility. In the longest sizes, the shaft can bend up to 270° without breaking. In this version of the shafts with rounded tips, we provide an even larger choice compared to the regular shafts. We offer 7 lengths of shafts, from 14cm to 165cm, that will suits all needs and situations. These shafts are totally interchangeable on the prod handle. However, the caracteristics of the rounded tips will best suit animals and breeds with short hair, as it will be more difficult to reach the skin with long hair animals, like sheep.

  • 7 lengths available: 14cm, 33cm, 58cm, 71cm, 84cm, 110cm & 165cm
  • Flexible up to 270° and ultra-resistant
  • Important! 14cm & 165cm shafts are non-flexible
  • Waterproof connection with the handle
  • Rounded electrodes: more gentle to animal. Avoid bruises
Product list
Item # Description Casecount
30-144 SHARPSHOCK "Stubby" shaft 14 cm 1 | 12
30-145 SHARPSHOCK Flexible shaft - Rounded tips 33 cm 1 | 12
30-146 SHARPSHOCK Flexible shaft - Rounded tips 58 cm 1 | 12
30-147 SHARPSHOCK Flexible shaft - Rounded tips 71 cm 1 | 12
30-148 SHARPSHOCK Flexible shaft - Rounded tips 84 cm 1 | 12
30-149 SHARPSHOCK Flexible shaft - Rounded tips 110 cm 1 | 12
30-180 SHARPSHOCK Rigid shaft - Rounded tips 165 cm 1 | 12


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